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The unique 3-Curve System with reversible key offers many advantages for both single door protection and master key systems.


Evva 3KS Plus

How does it work?
Highest functional reliability is guaranteed by 12 springless locking pins, which are forced in specific positions and checked by two sidebars. An additional bottom bar checks the edge profiles of the key.

Why buy the Evva 3KS?

  • Reversible key system: you can insert the key either way up like a car key.
  • Modular system for flexible adaptation of cylinder lengths
  • An incredibly high number of variations is possible. There are 30 billion different reversible key combinations possible.
  • Drilling and plug pulling protection is offered by the inclusion of hard metal pins in both the body and the plug.
  • 12 springless locking pins and 18 control pins have to be brought to a certain position before the plug will turn thus giving enhanced picking protection.
  • Protection against pulling and breaking off by locking pins, sidebars and a special cam.
  • High wear resistance plus high resistance to dust and ice.
  • Each 'Keyed to Differ' lock is supplied with three keys and registration card. 'Keyed Alike' orders are supplied with three keys per order and registration card. Extra keys are available by clicking HERE

All the 3KS range of cylinders (euro profile, oval profile and rim) can be made to operate on one key. Think of the possibilities. No more bulky keyrings. One key can operate all locks within your premises. Simply order your locks 'Keyed Alike'. If you would like to order different locks (e.g. some double cylinder and some single) all operated by one key, order your locks 'Keyed Alike' and then use the 'Other Instructions/Comments' box on the checkout page to give us your exact requirements. Alternatively call us on 01704 545400 or e-mail us by clicking HERE.